Water Damage & Flood Damage Cleanup

Flooding and Water Damage Are Bigger Hazards Than You Might Think!

Its also a lot more common than you probably realize.

In the past five years, all people in all 50 states have experienced flooding related to weather.

A flash flood can result in 10 to 20 feet of water!


Yet only a few inches can cause thousands of dollars in damage!

And it takes only a bit of humidity and time for toxic mold to form and threaten your health!

You Can Protect Your Home and Health by Calling


As Soon As You Experience Flooding!

24/7 Emergency Services!

1 Hour Response Time!

Competitive Prices

Most Leading Insurance Policies Accepted

It does not take much water or much time for a flood to create significant damage!

If you dont call right away, you are allowing the damage to continue because water is well known as progressive devourer of property value.

Every year, dozens of residents are treated, and sometimes hospitalized for respiratory infections; allergic reactions; asthma attacks and skin rashes related to Toxic Black Mold, frequently directly related to flooding and water damage within the home!

This doesnt have to happen to you and your family!

You can prevent health hazards and put a stop to the progressive damage of your property.

We Guarantee Your Complete Satisfaction But Only If You Call ASAP!

If you let the water sit for any length of time, you are allowing the damage to become exponentially worse by the minute!

If you hesitate, not only will many of the formerly reversible damages become permanent, but the expense to address repairs will be far greater and your insurance will be far less likely to cover you, on the grounds that you allowed the situation to deteriorate.

Dont Make the Wrong Decision or Wait to Make the Right One!

Call 888-923-1760 Before its Too Late!

Did you know that many flooding and water damages can be reversed if addressed within the first hour or so of exposure?

Its Up to You to Act Fast!

We Offer 24/7 Emergency Services with Experienced Fast Responding Crews Standing By All Day and All Night, Every Day, 365 Days a Year!

We Understand that Water Damage Cannot Wait!

You Need Service Right Now!

Services We Can Provide

Water Damage
Flood Damage
Flooded Basement Cleanup
Water Extraction
Sewage Cleanup

If You Call 888-923-1760 Immediately

We will arrive within the Hour!

We Will Quickly Remove All Flood Water!

We Will Reverse Damages Related to Water Exposure!

We Will Thoroughly Dry and Clean the Area!

We Will Leave No Hazard of Toxic Mold Growth Behind!

Flooding is Typically Caused by:

-Frozen pipes-

-Leaking pipes-

-Leaky roof-

-Broken washing machine hose-

-Plumbing problems-

-Insulation issues-


-Winter Storms-


-Flash Flood Rains-

Residents Can Call


When Facing Any of These Disasters

for 24/7 Emergency Service

+ One Hour Response Time!

If You Wait to Call, Flooding Will Damage Your Home by:

-Penetrating Your Walls-

-Compromising the Foundation-

-Destroying Insulation-

-Shorting Out Your Electrical Grid-

-Creating an Electrical Safety Hazard-

-Destroying the Fibers and Wood of Your Furniture->/h2>

-Damaging Your Carpet, Tile and Hardwood Floors-

-Devaluing Personal Belongings and Antiques-

-Creating a Health and Property Damage Hazard Through Toxic Mold-

Call 888-923-1760 Now

to Prevent This from Happening to Your Home!

We are Standing by to Take Your Call

24 Hours, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year!

Our Average Response Time is Less Than One Hour!

We Accept Most Major Insurance and Have Competitive Rates for the Uninsured!

Water damage is the 2nd most commonly filed insurance claim in the USA

And it is in the Top 5 of most commonly filed claims!

Yet, roughly 93% of all water damage can be prevented by prompt action!

Call 888-923-1760 Right Away

To Save Your Property and Protect Your Health!

Flooding Can Be A Scary Situation

Hiring Someone To Take Care Of Flood Cleanup

If you are the victim of a flood, and your house is full of flood water, the best thing you can do is to find living accommodations elsewhere and hire a professional water cleanup company to get rid of the water and restore your home.

The last thing that people think of in a flood situation is the quality of the air indoors, but that is a big consideration, because flood water is among the dirtiest, and it is a real breeding ground for all kinds of bacteria, microorganisms, mold, mildew and all kinds of hazardous materials.

It may contain pesticides, fertilizers and petroleum substances, any of which could be very hazardous to the skin, if it came into contact with a human being. This is the reason that a professional cleaning person or company needs to be called in to clean up the area.

The first priority would be to get the water out of the area, and that can be accomplished with high powered pumping equipment that will get the water out of the home very rapidly. Next the area will have to be dried, and usually that is accomplished with high speed fans.

Once the area is dried it must be decontaminated and any mold and disease bearing bacteria must be killed. Mold is an especially difficult organism, as it gives off spores when it matures, and these spores can travel through the air, causing breathing and respiratory difficulty for those who breathe them in.

Any furniture, carpeting, draperies and such usually must be disposed of, as it probably is not possible to rehabilitate and clean up those types of items.

It is recommended that people do attempt to clean up flooded areas by themselves, as they do not have the experience or the knowledge in order to do the job correctly and safely so that no disease or injury would possibly occur. Sometimes the damage from amateurs attempting such a job doesn’t occur until months later as bacteria and pathogens mature and turn into full blown disease.

Another hazard that would be a very large hazard are the unseen electrical lines that are in the flood waters. Not knowing whether or not the lines are there, if they are still live or not, is a real concern, because anyone who comes in contact with the water would probably be electrocuted.

In any event, any reasonable person should make the decision to let competent professionals handle the job of the cleanup.

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